Woman giving a man a dove as an act of humanistic altruism.

If we’re gonna give, let’s give wisely. Intentionally. Better. Here I’ve complied a list of 19 charities to help you step up your humanist game and impact stronger.

Buzzing night sky asks us what we believe about life and beyond.

So what DO you believe in? Just because you don’t believe in gods doesn’t mean you don’t believe in anything. Explore secular beliefs here.

We are yelling "Charge!" into 2018 with this statue of a civil-war soldier on a horse!

Here we are—March 2018 already! Here I share an update, some exciting plans for 2018, and a glimpse behind the curtain.

Travel back a couple decades with me. My father opened up a whole new world of insight one day as he unleashed a bit of management speak. My dad’s entire career has been devoted to the kitchen cabinet industry, and in this world he is a true master. But on this particular day in my ninth […]

Hey all! If there’s one thing I’ve always been terrible at it’s taking time to video-record my talks. I’ve been speaking publicly since the age of 17 and have delivered around 300 unique talks—and yet until a week and a half ago, I don’t think I’ve ever video-recorded a single one of them! So, okay now, […]

I have to say, most of the podcasts I’ve done have been pretty straight-laced and serious, but I had an incredible amount of fun on July 10 when I sat down with my new Irish pals John Hamill and Seamus McGaffick for the latest episode of The Free Thought Prophet. The Jameson flowed freely and […]

One day at an after-class meeting with a seminary professor, I was asked why I only spoke out in class once or twice per session. I explained my annoyance with other students who couldn’t shut up and who seemed to have an answer for everything. That I didn’t want to be such a student and […]

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