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“An Effortless Justice”
(UU Fellowship of Winona, 10.04.2020)

“Upgrading Our Humanism: Building a Lifestyle of Embodied Values”
(American Humanist Conference, 06.25.2022)

“Of Trees, Kudzu, and Community: Part 2”
(First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, 08.31.2021)

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Moody Bible Institute: Interview with an Atheist

Fireside Creators: Atheism

Secular Sexuality: Dating After Deconstruction

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Drew Bekius' book, Your Next Life Now: Trading Sticky Notes for Badass Tattoos as We Conquer Life Together

Your Next Life Now
(HumanistCoach.com, 2016)

Longing for a life beyond one-day wishes and gee-golly dreams? In Your Next Life Now, you’ll take a dive into the art and practice of truly mastering your goals—while enhancing your humanism for the good of the world around you. Introducing you to the same seven-step journey used in my coaching practice, this no-nonsense short-read is direct and in your face while also playful and even slightly irreverent. Self-improvement.

Excerpt: Introduction
Excerpt: Step One
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Drew Bekius' book The Rise and Fall of Faith, A God-to-Godless Story for Christians and Atheists

The Rise and Fall of Faith
(Pitchstone, 2017)

Building bridges, not walls. Centering on my own personal story of faith and beyond (while detailing my movement from evangelical pastor to humanist coach), Rise & Fall seeks to foster a greater dialogue between those of various faiths and those without. Includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter and additional tools to keep the conversation going. Literary nonfiction.

Excerpt: Prologue
Excerpt: Chapter One
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Drew Bekius is a humanist speaker, writer, and coach based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the author of The Rise and Fall of Faith and Your Next Life Now

After launching an award-winning ministry at the age of 16, Drew went on to pick up a couple theological degrees and pastored two churches for a total of twelve years. After his own deconversion, Drew served as president of The Clergy Project, providing peer support, community resourcing, and career transition assistance to deconverted religious leaders in 35+ countries around the world.

After starting an award-winning interfaith ministry at the age of 16, Drew went on to pick up a couple theological degrees and pastored two Evangelical Christian churches in the Chicago area. After leaving the pastorate and becoming an atheist, he served as president of The Clergy Project, a nonprofit providing peer support, community resourcing, and career transition assistance to deconverted religious leaders in 35+ countries around the world. 

An energy-forward values alignment coach, Drew works with individuals and the nonprofits they love to help identify and more fully live out their values, especially those of the humanist variety. His coaching work also includes post-faith lifestyle realignment, confidence work, and speaker coaching, along with consultation in community-building. 

Drew currently serves on staff as lead speaker coach for TEDxMinneapolis where his team helps further change by preparing Twin Cities thought leaders for sharing their “local ideas worth spreading.”

Drew teaches and serves on the board at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, the nontheistic religious community where back in 1917, a minister named John Dietrich kickstarted the controversial new movement that he called… humanism. Drew speaks and does workshops with various humanist communities around the United States as he strives to help folks more fully embrace and live out progressive humanist values.

Drew has a Master of Divinity degree from Moody Theological Seminary, a Bachelor of Arts in pastoral studies from Moody Bible Institute, personal and business coaching certificates from Life Purpose Institute, and a Humanist Celebrant endorsement from The Humanist Society. He is a member of the American Humanist Association, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Unitarian-Universalist Association, and The Loft Literary Center, among others. Drew and his two teenage daughters live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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