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9121460If your Big Day is coming up just over the horizon, you’re probably already beginning to feel that gentle-yet-terrifying mix of excitement over dreams coming true together with the stress of an endless line of details vying for your attention. And finding someone to officiate the ceremony is certainly one of those details. But if you’re looking for an officiant who will minimize the religion while still having an actually legitimate credential, finding just the right person can be even harder.

Drew Bekius is an endorsed humanist celebrant with The Humanist Society, and as such, his authority to perform your wedding is recognized in all fifty US states. As a former pastor who has performed more than just a handful of Special Days, he brings the ellegance and attention-to-detail that you’re looking for. And as a secular humanist, he will perform your wedding completely religion-free, only utilizing the particular texts and traditions that you yourselves prefer.

The Etcetera of Other Celebrations

As a humanist celebrant, Drew is available to officiate life’s many other special events, ceremonies, and occasions. These often include naming ceremonies for newborns, welcoming celebrations for adopted children, coming-of-age recognitions, and of course, funerals and memorial celebrations as well. If you’d like to add a touch of non-religious formal recognition to any family or community event, a humanist celebrant can help achieve just the right tone.

And As Always, no matter the planned occasion coming up on your horizon, Drew will perform your event with the same unique and cadenced voice that you’ve come to love in his writings and appearances.

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The schedule is limited. Contact Drew for pricing and availability by emailing him at

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