Funerals & Life Celebrations

Drew Bekius Celebrations

Want to celebrate the life of a loved one?

But without all the religious dogma?

Traditional or creative, formal or casual, succinct or expansive, Drew Bekius offers flexible services centered on your desire to honor your loved ones.

With packages to fit every budget and secular options for each perspective, Drew works with those who are grieving to craft personalized ceremonies that will not be forgotten. With experience that stretches back to 2002, Drew can navigate just the right tone for your loved one’s memory, balancing warm memories with personalized meditation, gentle humor with space for somber reflection.

Free of religious mandate and dogma, Drew’s final aim is to fulfill the wishes of the departed’s loved ones. Fostering an atmosphere of warm embrace for family and community to join together in support and somber celebration is his goal. This looks different in each family. And he will craft such a space for yours.

We rarely get to plan such ceremonies in advance. Save-day services available, along with multiple packaging options. Contact Drew today at

Drew Bekius is an endorsed humanist celebrant with the Humanist Society and the American Humanist Association. President of The Clergy Project, Drew also has ten years’ experience in funeral services as an ordained Christian minister.

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