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This Jameson Life: Free Thought Prophet Episode

I have to say, most of the podcasts I’ve done have been pretty straight-laced and serious, but I had an incredible amount of fun on July 10 when I sat down with my new Irish pals John Hamill and Seamus McGaffick for the latest episode of The Free Thought Prophet. The Jameson flowed freely and […]

‘Rise & Fall’ is On Its Way!

An update on my new book, which seeks to foster greater dialogue between those of faith and those without. Use it as a tool for dialogue with friends and family. Amazon preorders releasing soon.

The Religion of Nice

A story about my introduction to a man named Dr. Bill who invented a religion called The Religion of Nice. (Also includes an update on other events.)

If History Is Fun: My Ordination’s Doctrinal Statement

If you think history can be fun, I have an exciting something for you. If you may find yourself enthused with religious history in particular, hold onto your proverbial hat. And if you enjoy digging into the backgrounds of deconverted religious leaders, then oh my shit, prepare to lose yours.  So I thought it would be […]

A Book Review: Sneddon’s ‘A’ is for Amazing Encyclopedia of Atheist-Stuff

I suppose it may be possible that we as a people are more accustomed, because of the reality of the internet, to the ability to look up random definitions for every anything that is out there waiting to be looked up. I know for myself at least, I’m constantly googling new words, like seriously almost […]

Her Challenge to Herself: My Daughter’s E-Book of Short Stories

Yes, my daughters were never in Girl Scouts, so this is my one chance to guilt trip people into buying stuff from my kids. And honestly, this will taste just as good and last even longer than than those cookies we love so damn much. Also at half the price. Go ahead and scroll directly […]

2-Day Offer: My New e-Book FREE!

Well, there it goes. The end of 2015. And now here we are at the beginning of its replacement. And so I have a question for you. It’s the kind of question that I suppose we hear a lot this time of year. No, I’m not asking you what your resolutions are. Though that may […]

Make It Happen: The Thrill of Goals Attained

So my life is pretty crazy right now. But honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I mean, maybe eventually I would… Come to think of it, a nice beach vacation actually sounds pretty wonderful right now… Maybe in the Caribbean… I’ve actually only been out of the US once, and it was for a […]

Catherine Dunphy & The Clergy Project

Wednesday afternoon, I locked the door to my Uptown apartment, and slid down the elevator on my way to a quick shift at the steakhouse. On my way out the front door, I stopped to check my mailbox, and that’s the moment I saw it. Right there waiting for me in my little mail slot […]

Deconversion Extended: Additional Chapters for Rise & Fall

So the book is advancing rather well. For various reasons that I won’t bother expounding upon, I had set the editing of my second draft on hold for a good several months. And then, after finally picking it up again at the turn of the new year, I finally finished the revision last week. But as […]

More Than a Story: Learning to Live Without Fear

So what was your weekend’s Oscar-winning moment? In other words, what was the funniest or the most adventurous or most inspiring or outrageous moment of your weekend? Or, to put it yet another way, if your life was a movie, would people pay money to see it? Would there be anything worth watching? And if not, why? […]

Dr. Jenna Jacobs Gets Taken to the Woodshed; And Others Too

I am rejoicing right now in a grand appreciation for logic and wit. And it all began as I stumbled upon a video placed on my Facebook newsfeed. Given my fond affection for The West Wing and the good reputation my friend has for sharing great content, I pushed play and sat with eager anticipation. By the end of […]

Due Preparations: Diary of a Perfectionist

This is the story of accepting a challenge and then failing, even though it wasn’t really a failure, and of then using the pseudo-failure to create a new story of refocused redemptive moments. Okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve spoken publicly about much of anything.  And by “spoken publicly,” I mean communication that is […]

First Corinthians on Useless Faith: A Midweek Twitter Sermon

A midweek sermon via Twitter.  From First Corinthians 15.  Still three points but no longer 45 minutes… Happy Wednesday fellow freedom-fighters!  ;))

A Little Fun with Scotch…

  Forget the McCafé. Never mind your Coca-Cola. And you can keep the frozen margaritas to yourself.   But the Scotch is mine.  All mine. To the day I die…  ;))

The Klout Race, Pt. 2

Well, I did it!  Not quite sure how.  If you’re not sure what the hell I’m talking about, free yourself to read my August 21 post “The Race to Drive Up My Klout.”  That post detailed my budding new experience with the social media tool named Klout.  A particular literary agent requires a score of […]

Praying for Terrorists

We all remember what we were doing thirteen years ago today.  Where we were.  What city, what building, what room.  What was going on when we first heard the news.  I had arrived on-campus for seminary classes just after the first plane struck Tower 1 and walked into the commons to find myself standing with […]

From One World to Another

What Goes Into a Transition? And how do I figure out what life is supposed to look like on the other side? Transitioning from where and to what? Well, I guess that is the question… What does it mean when the mythic hero of your youth vanishes or disappears? How long does one wait for […]

The Race to Drive Up My Klout

So as I’m seeing the end of the proverbial tunnel on my book writing, I’ve kinda begun my search for a literary agent.  The latest said person of interest is someone named Wendy Keller.  But rather than sending a typical query letter, she requires you pass something of an initial screening via online form.  The only […]

Pride & Joy in the Summer of 13

.. ….. When life seems empty and illusions refrain,  I see you in the mirror erasing my pain   ….. ..       Favorite pictures of my favorite people from this Summer of 2013…