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‘Rise & Fall’ is On Its Way!

An update on my new book, which seeks to foster greater dialogue between those of faith and those without. Use it as a tool for dialogue with friends and family. Amazon preorders releasing soon.


The Religion of Nice

A story about my introduction to a man named Dr. Bill who invented a religion called The Religion of Nice. (Also includes an update on other events.)

The Oft-Repeated Question: What is Humanism?

The question is posed on at least a weekly basis. It comes up in various ways. Someone will ask about something they read or an interview they came across. And then they ask me: “So what is Secular Humanism?” Or even the more simplified version: “What is Humanism?” I suppose the curiosity and its subsequent […]

Catherine Dunphy & The Clergy Project

Wednesday afternoon, I locked the door to my Uptown apartment, and slid down the elevator on my way to a quick shift at the steakhouse. On my way out the front door, I stopped to check my mailbox, and that’s the moment I saw it. Right there waiting for me in my little mail slot […]

Video Interview: A Seminary Project on Atheism

A group of seminary students recently completed a project on how to effectively counsel an atheist. They are studying in a Masters program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Chicago’s Moody Theological Seminary, and yep, that’s the very same school that I had attended. And one of the students working on this group project had grown […]

More Than a Story: Learning to Live Without Fear

So what was your weekend’s Oscar-winning moment? In other words, what was the funniest or the most adventurous or most inspiring or outrageous moment of your weekend? Or, to put it yet another way, if your life was a movie, would people pay money to see it? Would there be anything worth watching? And if not, why? […]

“Your Dad’s a What!?” The Day My Daughter’s Class Discussed Atheism

I’m thankful this week that atheism in America is becoming less taboo and beginning to sound a little less scary. And I’m also thankful this week for a particular sixth grade teacher who was willing to speak honestly and openly about it.* It was just a few days ago—so I’m told—during a new social studies segment on […]

Why the U.S. Has Never Been a Christian Nation

Yes, a full third of the American population self-identifies as evangelical or ‘born again’ Christian, by far the largest religious group in America. But nearly one half of their neighbors subscribe to another Christian tradition, be it Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Mormon, or mainline protestant, etc. All told that’s 8 in 10 Americans who are Christian […]

Inspiring Greatness: The Call of a Virtuous Leadership

Just returned last night from three days at our company’s home office in the Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas. I suppose the meetings looked much like what you would find at any corporate gathering. Celebrating victories and inspiring new ones, increasing location alignment and sharpening brand awareness, equipping and empowering the team, sumptuous dinners and strong […]

Why I Still LOVE Christmas!

It’s true. I’m an atheist. And kind of an outspoken one. And yet: I still love Christmas. But how is this possible? you might ask. Honestly, sometimes I feel the dead-cold stare of other atheists looking me down in dismay: Doesn’t this guy know he’s not supposed to do that anymore??? So I’d been planning to go ahead and write […]

Hey, That’s Me: My Face on a Billboard for Atheism!

Something fun. And yet serious all at the same time. But for today, just gonna stick to the fun side… I’m on a billboard! It’s part of the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s new “Out of the Closet” campaign to normalize atheism, an effort to help people see that atheists are normal everyday individuals. Not scary, not evil, […]

An Expression of Thanks

What I’ve grown to cherish most about Thanksgiving Day is the part at the start of the dinner when everyone goes around the table and shares one thing they’re thankful for. I know for some this is a laborious chore, a painstaking and frivolous ritual that must be rushed along as fast as possible in […]

Sex & Dating

So this is a post about me debating whether or not to post about my experiences with sex and dating.  About relationships, etc. I’ve had some requests lately that I divulge any obstacles or adventures that I’ve experienced in my newfound post-Christian singleness.  Such a subject certainly falls under the very broad theme of my blog.  And since religion […]

Why You Don’t Have to be an Atheist

So let me set the record straight, as they say. Last week an old friend from Bible college — one of the ones who remain Christian — commented on a tweet of mine that he found on Facebook. His response: “You sound like a new Christian. You demand that everyone follows this new found belief you’ve discovered. […]

Praying for Terrorists

We all remember what we were doing thirteen years ago today.  Where we were.  What city, what building, what room.  What was going on when we first heard the news.  I had arrived on-campus for seminary classes just after the first plane struck Tower 1 and walked into the commons to find myself standing with […]

The Race to Drive Up My Klout

So as I’m seeing the end of the proverbial tunnel on my book writing, I’ve kinda begun my search for a literary agent.  The latest said person of interest is someone named Wendy Keller.  But rather than sending a typical query letter, she requires you pass something of an initial screening via online form.  The only […]

One Proud Parent :)

This week I found out my eldest, the one who knew the names Putin and Ahmadinejad as a three-year-old, she wrote her first-ever essay.  And it wasn’t even for homework!  It was part of her application to be on her school’s Student Senate.  LOVE IT!  She is so excited ~ And I am so proud!!! […]


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