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Her Challenge to Herself: My Daughter’s E-Book of Short Stories

Yes, my daughters were never in Girl Scouts, so this is my one chance to guilt trip people into buying stuff from my kids. And honestly, this will taste just as good and last even longer than than those cookies we love so damn much. Also at half the price. Go ahead and scroll directly […]

More Than a Story: Learning to Live Without Fear

So what was your weekend’s Oscar-winning moment? In other words, what was the funniest or the most adventurous or most inspiring or outrageous moment of your weekend? Or, to put it yet another way, if your life was a movie, would people pay money to see it? Would there be anything worth watching? And if not, why? […]

“Your Dad’s a What!?” The Day My Daughter’s Class Discussed Atheism

I’m thankful this week that atheism in America is becoming less taboo and beginning to sound a little less scary. And I’m also thankful this week for a particular sixth grade teacher who was willing to speak honestly and openly about it.* It was just a few days ago—so I’m told—during a new social studies segment on […]

Forgiving Satan: The Day My Daughter Asked Even Bigger Questions

“But Daddy, what about Satan…” THINKING THIS MORNING of a conversation I had with my eldest when she was only seven years old. This is the one who was crushed when Hillary Clinton had lost the 2008 primaries and then predicted that at least we’d have another shot next time.* But I’m thinking this morning of a conversation from […]

Pride & Joy in the Summer of 13

.. ….. When life seems empty and illusions refrain,  I see you in the mirror erasing my pain   ….. ..       Favorite pictures of my favorite people from this Summer of 2013…