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Team of Persons: The Value of Type Tests

Travel back a couple decades with me. My father opened up a whole new world of insight one day as he unleashed a bit of management speak. My dad’s entire career has been devoted to the kitchen cabinet industry, and in this world he is a true master. But on this particular day in my ninth […]

Seminary Wisdom: Leadership, Inside and Out of the Classroom

One day at an after-class meeting with a seminary professor, I was asked why I only spoke out in class once or twice per session. I explained my annoyance with other students who couldn’t shut up and who seemed to have an answer for everything. That I didn’t want to be such a student and […]

Inspiring Greatness: The Call of a Virtuous Leadership

Just returned last night from three days at our company’s home office in the Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas. I suppose the meetings looked much like what you would find at any corporate gathering. Celebrating victories and inspiring new ones, increasing location alignment and sharpening brand awareness, equipping and empowering the team, sumptuous dinners and strong […]

With Eyes Open: Lessons in Leadership Humility and More…

“If your eyes are open, you will learn a lot during your time with me,” Dr Bradley B Bacon began during an impromptu meeting in his office.  “I would like to think that I’ve learned to do most things well.  Some, very well.  And you will do wisely to take notice of these things and […]

Doers versus Leaders

We often think of strong “doers” as true “leaders,” but there is a world of difference between a natural leader and a natural doer. Doers get up and get the job done. We think of them as “leading by example”— and they may very well invite others to stand up and come along with them. […]

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