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A Story to Live By: My Talk from BUC

Hey all! If there’s one thing I’ve always been terrible at it’s taking time to video-record my talks. I’ve been speaking publicly since the age of 17 and have delivered around 300 unique talks—and yet until a week and a half ago, I don’t think I’ve ever video-recorded a single one of them! So, okay now, […]

Resurrection: Because It’s Never Too Late to Take Your Life Back

This post actually comes from my Next Level Blog over at But I thought I’d share it here because I kinda think you all might enjoy it as well. Those of us in the post-faith crowd—and especially the post-religious-leadership crowd that many of us have found ourselves in—know all too well what it means […]

Her Challenge to Herself: My Daughter’s E-Book of Short Stories

Yes, my daughters were never in Girl Scouts, so this is my one chance to guilt trip people into buying stuff from my kids. And honestly, this will taste just as good and last even longer than than those cookies we love so damn much. Also at half the price. Go ahead and scroll directly […]

2-Day Offer: My New e-Book FREE!

Well, there it goes. The end of 2015. And now here we are at the beginning of its replacement. And so I have a question for you. It’s the kind of question that I suppose we hear a lot this time of year. No, I’m not asking you what your resolutions are. Though that may […]

Make It Happen: The Thrill of Goals Attained

So my life is pretty crazy right now. But honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I mean, maybe eventually I would… Come to think of it, a nice beach vacation actually sounds pretty wonderful right now… Maybe in the Caribbean… I’ve actually only been out of the US once, and it was for a […]

Resources for Life: Master Your Money with Tony Robbins

If you’re like me, you might be great at things like balancing your checkbook and creating a budget to (mostly) stick to. All while the coded world of financial investments seems completely foreign in its extraterrestrialness. Then you’ve got the elusive art of actually making money off financial investments, and it just seems like a completely […]

More Than a Story: Learning to Live Without Fear

So what was your weekend’s Oscar-winning moment? In other words, what was the funniest or the most adventurous or most inspiring or outrageous moment of your weekend? Or, to put it yet another way, if your life was a movie, would people pay money to see it? Would there be anything worth watching? And if not, why? […]

Dr. Jenna Jacobs Gets Taken to the Woodshed; And Others Too

I am rejoicing right now in a grand appreciation for logic and wit. And it all began as I stumbled upon a video placed on my Facebook newsfeed. Given my fond affection for The West Wing and the good reputation my friend has for sharing great content, I pushed play and sat with eager anticipation. By the end of […]

Increasing Joy: A Resolution

Gathered around Table 9 while on break at the steakhouse, the question was posed yesterday: “Alright guys, so what are your new year’s resolutions?” As conversation made its way around the table, I saved mine for last while expeditiously searching for what it might be. I don’t have a long list of habits to break. And the goals I […]

An Even More Wonderful Life

Watched It’s a Wonderful Life this afternoon. Unlike your typical American, this was only the second time I’d seen the film, with the first being just five years or so ago. So no, for me this isn’t the annual Christmas tradition that it is for other people. Was more of a spontaneous indulgence instead. Most likely you’re not aware. […]

Hey, That’s Me: My Face on a Billboard for Atheism!

Something fun. And yet serious all at the same time. But for today, just gonna stick to the fun side… I’m on a billboard! It’s part of the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s new “Out of the Closet” campaign to normalize atheism, an effort to help people see that atheists are normal everyday individuals. Not scary, not evil, […]

From One World to Another

What Goes Into a Transition? And how do I figure out what life is supposed to look like on the other side? Transitioning from where and to what? Well, I guess that is the question… What does it mean when the mythic hero of your youth vanishes or disappears? How long does one wait for […]

Happy Expectations & Picnics in the Rain

It happened again. After loading the car with blankets and a cooler of sandwiches and treats, we drove thirty-six minutes to the lavish yet subtly sweet botanical garden of Central Minnesota. And just five minutes in, we found an unpredicted thunderstorm swoop in to dance giant rain drops upon our pathetic little picnic plans. It […]

With Eyes Open: Lessons in Leadership Humility and More…

“If your eyes are open, you will learn a lot during your time with me,” Dr Bradley B Bacon began during an impromptu meeting in his office.  “I would like to think that I’ve learned to do most things well.  Some, very well.  And you will do wisely to take notice of these things and […]

Bamboo Joy

I’ve never had much of the so-called Green Thumb.  Then again, I’ve never really attempted to cultivate one either.  But I have had a grand total of one plants.  A bamboo plant, or three bamboo shoots actually, in a little panda bear bamboo pot.  And I have loved and cared for this little plant for […]

Moving On

Only four more days!  Only four more days!!  Only FOUR MORE DAYS!!! Only four more days of calling this shit hole my home.  I moved in here five months ago.  I kinda knew what I was getting myself into.  I live in a dilapidated mid-rise apartment building in a dumpy Northside Chicago neighborhood.  *Uptown.*  That’s […]


… There is beauty even in brokenness, Glimpses of hope in the biggest of messes. …