A Story to Live By: My Talk from BUC

Hey all!

If there’s one thing I’ve always been terrible at it’s taking time to video-record my talks. I’ve been speaking publicly since the age of 17 and have delivered around 300 unique talks—and yet until a week and a half ago, I don’t think I’ve ever video-recorded a single one of them!

So, okay now, here’s to being intentional… I have a talk for you. It’s called “A Story to Live By: Creating Next Chapters to Recapture Your Life’s Message.” ENJOY!



  1. Jaynie Bekius · · Reply

    I have now listened to your video 3 times! I guess as your mom, I am still fascinated by you…and your stories. :)
    I find it interesting that though we are from vastly different beliefs; myself as a born again believer and you as a humanist and atheist; I completely agree with your message that we need to think about what message we want our life story to say, and that we can change our mindset about our life. I found myself dwelling on what I want my life story to say. Now, I would imagine that the result is different than the people you were speaking to, as I want God’s story to show through my life story. :) Even though, this is a different view than your audience probably came to, you motivated me in mine! :)
    One thing though…I don’t remember sighing quite that much when you wanted a story! LOL!!!

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    1. Ahww… Always love hearing from my momma! Glad you enjoyed it—and even benefited from it! And yes, we can all live great stories—even if we don’t all agree on the God-stuff :)

      The fact that I over-depicted your sighing probably indicates something about the quality of our parenting haha…



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