Speaking This Weekend in Chicago!

4941751436_e3032d4c7f_oHappy Monday Everyone!

I apologize again for not getting over here to post very often. But exciting things are going on. Not just with my new Life Enhancement & Career Coaching firm Next Level Coaching, but also with several other endeavors of interest to you as well. More on some of that in the near future…

But I just wanted to stop over and let you know that this Sunday, January 31, I’ll be speaking at Beverly Unitarian Church in Chicago. And for any of you in the Chicago area, I’d love for you to join me!

I’m going on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. You know: the national organization that works to protect our First Amendment rights by advocating on Separation of Church and State issues — and the largest organization of atheists, agnostics, and non-theists in the nation!

img_0079I will be joining Beverly Unitarian and other guests for their weekly morning gathering and will be delivering my talk “Chickpea Diplomacy: How to Keep the Conversation Going without Killing It.” It’s centered on the value and necessity of engaging in religious conversation, even in an era where we all seem to disagree — but have the right to do so!

We’d love to see you all there. Whether you’re a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Unitarian-Universalist Association, or simply an interested member of the human race who wants to see what hopeful dialogue looks like, I’d invite you to come join us. And while you’re at it bring a friend — just imagine the Sunday brunch conversation this could instigate.

Alright so, one more time, here’re the details:

Beverly Unitarian Church
10244 S Longwood Dr, Chicago
This Sunday, January 31 at 10:30am

See you there!

 – Drew



  1. Hello….. I’m one of the producers for the Internet TV show titled The Atheist Experience. I’m contacting you as you’re listed as the Communications Committee of The Clergy Project.

    I’m wondering if you know any openly atheist clergy who would be interested in being a guest on our show.

    If any of them live in or near Austin TX we can include them by having them come to our studio, and if they’re not we can put them on the air and have the ability to “lock” them on the air while the host takes other callers. This way the guest can participate in the discussions brought up by the callers.

    If you know any openly atheist clergy who might be interested in participating, please let me know.

    Our show airs every Sunday from 4:30 central time to around 6 pm.

    A link to the show website is below (and yes it’s ugly and yes a new website is being developed).


    Kevin Carney


  2. I forgot to leave you my email address. It’s kevinbcarney@gmail.com.


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