Of Hospital Emergencies & Coaching Excellencies: The Last Two Weeks

IMG_5576Well, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. But it sure has been an interesting couple weeks.

At this point two Fridays ago, I was on my way to the emergency room with a severe bacterial infection. The doctors would later tell me that if I had waited until Saturday to come in, they might not have been able to save me. Yep, it was that severe. But fortunately I stumbled into the hospital early enough, and just one week later, I was discharged. As I sit here today, I’m thankful that my pain and soreness is minimal and that I’ve nearly completed my road to recovery.

But, shew, that was a close one!

If you’re thinking that this experience just has to be brimming with reflections and life-assessments, you’re correct. Especially as an atheist confronted by the thought of exiting this life. You know, the topic of atheists and foxholes… So, yes, you can look for more on my time in the hospital in the days ahead.

But this isn’t the only big thing to happen over the last couple weeks. And I’m not even referring to my two daughters’ exciting trip to Walt Disney Orlando.

I’m talking about a course that I’m taking. It’s a certification course with the Life Purpose Institute to become a life successes and career coach. That’s right, I’m in the midst of a five-day intensive program designed to help me help others identify and accomplish their goals. This is the kind of thing that had always gotten me most excited in my former days as a pastor. Helping people embrace the truest and strongest version of themselves. And it’s what I want to focus my upcoming chapter on.

I’m now entering into my third of the five days, and so far it’s going well. Pastoring has already prepared me for this track in many ways, and the two degrees I already have in organizational leadership and in peopling have already provided me a wealth of resources for this endeavor. But now the Life Purpose Institute is honing and focusing those skills in an even more precise fashion. And I love what I’m seeing.

So yes, these are exciting days. By the expert care and medical knowhow of several great teams of doctors, my life has been salvaged and extended. And now I am preparing to enter all the more fully into a profession that will allow me to help others make the most of their lives, extending and enhancing them in very real and refreshing ways. Marketing and business-building are necessary skills, to be sure. But it’s the enhancing of a life, the depth of breath and flourishing of joy and adventure that makes it all worthwhile.FullSizeRender-1

And so that’s what I’m celebrating these days. That, and I’m looking forward to seeing all those Disney World pics. Yes, these are the things I’m celebrating. A prolonged life equipped to help enhance the lives of others even as I take a moment to laugh and be jubilant with my own kids.

Yes, this is the gold of life.

Truly this is life worth celebrating.

Please join me as we do so!




  1. I’m glad you’re OK!

    Congrats on the rest. I’m interested to hear more.

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  2. Me too. Glad you are okay.

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  3. Richard Moore · · Reply

    Happy you’re doing well. We all want to know what happened.

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  4. Doing well. Thanks everyone! :))


  5. Glad to see you’re back. Now get to work and finish that book damn it!

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    1. Hahaha… Thanks, my friend. It’s been on hold the last couple weeks. But I too am dying to finish this eff’n thing. On the way, good sir;)


  6. Frédérique · · Reply

    Hey! I think it’s the first time I ever let a comment on someone’s blog in my life, but I just wanted to tell you that I was very moved by your testimonie on Richard Dawkins network. You seem to be a very wonderful person, and I hope the best for you!

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    1. Thanks Frederique! How wonderful to hear from you! And what an honor to receive your first comment :))


  7. […] mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’ve been in the hospital lately (here). I had contracted a severe bacterial infection that was rapidly subjugating each corner of my […]


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