On Rational Doubt Blog: Vacation Bible School

Vacation-Bible-School-300x150Remember Vacation Bible School?Otherwise known simply as VBS?

It’s that time-honored tradition that nearly every church in American seems to perform each year while students all across the country are on Summer Vacation from their public school systems.

You’d be invited by the local church on your block to run up the street every day for an entire week of games and stage plays, of prizes and food. Your parents would gladly kick you out of the house for a four-hour chunk of time every day that week. This made it a vacation of them as well.

But this wasn’t just because the local church likes to throw amazing parties for kids. It’s because they’re on a personal mission to save your soul, and each day would feature Bible stories and doctrinal education leading you to hopefully confess your sins and embrace Jesus as your Lord and Savior. They also hoped you’d bring that message home, and toward that end of the week, they’d throw a big party for the whole family!

Well, it’s time for a little “Vacation Bible School” over at Linda LaScola’s Rational Doubt blog! But this time around VBS is coming from a slightly different perspective. VBS for skeptics, I suppose you could say. And she’s called on a variety of Clergy Project members to get the job done.

The third lesson went up this morning, comparing biblical morality with that of secular humanists. And your teacher for today’s lesson is… me!

There’s usually some pretty good discussion in RD’s comments section, so check it out and see what you think.

Click here to read my VBS post on Rational Doubt!

See you at VBS!



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